A few days ago I stumbled upon Travian which is an online game akin to The Settlers. I quite enjoyed the early Settlers games where you would build up your town, adding bakerys, armouries, mines etc and then training your troops and going to war with your neighbours. It was all good fun and had a nice quirky style, which made the hours fly by as you watched your numbers tot up until you could build your next item (more fun than it sounds). Whilst the Settlers games have grown and grown, although maybe not improved, there’s never been a browser only version, which is where Travian steps in.

Travian - My homepage

Travian - My homepage

The premise is the same but is now rendered nicely in your browser. You choose your tribes (Romans, Gauls, and Teutons) and then set about building up your empire.

You get the choice to be a ‘fighter’ or ‘trader’, which determines how you build your society, either by slaughtering your opponents or by trading with them. I went for the latter and get robbed blind as soon as my ‘new starter protection’ finished and this was the biggest problem for me.

As time continually rolls on, you get people attacking you in the middle of the night and it’s no better when you’re at work either. As a result, you come home, turn on the computer and realise that the nice little town you were building has been robbed for all it’s worth, leaving you with nothing (unless you use the cranny!).

Ultimately, it’s a nice little game but is the domain of those who can continually keep an eye on their towns, otherwise, once you lose your immunity, you’re toast.

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