Lost and found Fairies

I’ve been wondering what percentage of items that are strewn around the streets, on fence posts, on railings, in puddles, are ever returned to their owners.The Winter is a time of year for giving, sharing, drinking and losing. The abundance of lost items such as hats, gloves (and strangely, shoes) amazes me. Granted, the majority are childrens items, but the assortment of other items is sometimes staggering.

However, we should bear a thought for the lost and found fairies who go out early in the morning and place these misplaced items in locations that people will notice (ie, a convenient wall). They probably go out hanging onto the back of the gritter lorries, picking up muddied gloves as they go.

But Why?

This is the crux. Do they know how successful they are? Do they have any form of Management Information that shows items collected against people reunited with said items? What is the percentage? I reckon that for every 5 items placed on a wall, only 1 is ever reunited with an owner, and let’s bear in mind, for them to be truly successful, it needs to be the right owner!

So with such a low success rate, they must do it for the love of the job. Reuniting lost property was always the last job to go when jobs were handed out at school. Perhaps it’s just an army of elderly failures?

3 thoughts on “Lost and found Fairies

  1. Trust you to bring MI into the magical world of the Lost & Found Fairies.

    P.S. I can recommend Spam Karma to keep the comment spam in check. Who knows, it might have even stopped this inane comment…

  2. Looked at it and thought “Why not?”. Although the massive ‘This isn’t being supported anymore’ notice made me a little nervous. However, it does look like a useful tool.

    MI is a great thing. Have you looked at http://www.rescuetime.com/

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