Baby Feeding – Aptamil vs SMA Gold

After my previous post we had a change of tactic. Our little lad always had a healthy appetite for his formula. At 4 months, he’d be taking a good 7floz at each feed but this seemed to change and he’s take 4 floz and then pull off and cry and not go back.

At this point he was taking half of his normal feeds and numerous visits to health visitors and doctors, saw no improvement. At the time we thought it might be teething (his 2 bottom front teeth have now come through) but it didn’t make sense. If his gums hurt, he’d surely cry at the start of the feed not the middle?

We thought it might be ‘wind’ so tried gripe water and all of the associated liquids, but still no results.

As a final idea, we tried him on a few ‘sample’ sachets of alternative formula. He’d been on Aptamil and had really prospered, but it seemed it was time for a change. Almost over night he was back to taking 8floz at bedtime. We tried a few different formulas but it seemed that SMA Gold goes down the best.

Granted, it smells sweeter and might be slightly different in makeup, but the stress of a non-feeding baby, makes it an acceptable trade-off as we’re happier and more relaxed with him as well.

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