I Twitter therefore I’m a Twit?

It seems that the world is raving about everyone and his dog twittering. From Obama to Russell Brand (Presidents to Pricks I was thinking!), it seems that less is more but where is this going to end up?

Micro Blogging is the new buzz-word on the web. If you ever thought that what you think while you daydream at your desk would be interesting to someone else, then Twitter is the tool for you. Of course, whilst Twitter is still little more than a tool for geeks like me to stay ‘in touch’ with everyone else, it will become mainstream. Just like 2 years ago, you couldn’t poke your friends Mum (if that ever was acceptable), people’s Mums are being poked up and down the country via Facebook these days.

Like a stepping stone into the world of the inane, the ‘What are you doing right now…?” box in Facebook has got its own website and it’s pushing its wares down every orriface it can. Apps are springing up on iPhones, WordPress blogs, desktops that consume this dreary drivel. But to what ends?

The visionaries of the web will have you think that Twitter is a great marketing tool, and in many ways it might be. In a similar way to Google Adsense you can choose to ‘follow’ specific types of tweets, just as ads are targeted to what you search for. In fact, the similarity doesn’t stop there. The short number of characters means that the message is always short, although may have no point. In many ways, it’s identical, albeit not as quick to deploy or update.

So why bother?

At the moment, Twitter is a geek tool but it will grow in popularity. As it becomes more mainstream (Is your Mum a Twit who has been poked by me?) the tools that are available to customise what you see will grow. Those who are there first can sit on names and get an automatic following just by people trying to Twitter someone they recognise. Just think, we could soon all be Twittering your Mum!

Am I a Twit?

Of course I am. I am nothing if I am not inane

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