The Bill in ‘Less is more’ shocker

De do do do - de do do do doooooo

De do do do - de do do do doooooo

In a shock move, ITV have decided that the best show on television is to move to a new 9PM slot. In a worse turn of events, it will drop to only 1 episode per week.

The benefits of this seem to be that they can concentrate on making it grittier and probably more violent. They might even put some swearing in it. I have mixed feelings about this. In one respect, it will be truer to life and be able to more accurately portray real ife, but part of The Bill’s charm is its’ wide appeal, its’ soapy nature.

There are a lot of cop dramas, many of them are excellent such as Trial and Retribution, but The Bill needs to sit apart from these. Sure, there will be a lot of cross over between TAR et al and The Bill, but it has a niche and I wonder how it will compete with it’s heavier competitors.

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