Lumière, Cheltenham – A review

Lumiere Cheltenham

Lumiere Cheltenham

What with it being our anniversary and somewhere near Valentine’s day, we decided to treat ourselves to a meal at one of the restaurants we’d not been to in Cheltenham, so we chose the fine dining experience of Lumière on Clarence Parade.

Lumière is, by most wallets, at the more expensive end of the dining experiences so with our sights suitably set, we were looking forward to it (although maybe not receiving the bill!). Having eaten at several of the fine eating establishments in Cheltenham such as Hotel du Vin, The Queen’s and Merlot, (and having loved them all) I hoped that Lumiere provide us with a great night and more importantly, great food and atmosphere.

Having been shown to our ‘booth’ I was surprised as to how uncomfortable the seat was. It’s simple L shaped design gave you no support and was not exactly ‘fine seating’ to match our ‘fine dining’ experience. I’ve been more comfortable on a church pew at a boring wedding.

Trying to put my discomfort to one side, we ordered a bottle wine, which we were then told was out of stock so we chose another. Looking forward to having a drink before our meal, it was dissappointing to have the wine arrive with the amuse bouche. This was very nice though and set my appetite appropriately.

The thing about restaurants is ordering the right meal. There’s nothing worse that looking at someone elses plate (rude I know) and wishing it was yours. In this instance, my crab ravioli, compared to my wife’s pate made me do just that. It was a shame but there just wasn’t really much to it.

The main course (pork belly for me) again made me envy my wife’s plate. There was ample vegetables to go with the course however, which always ticks my box.

Between the main and desert, we have the most unusual and also tasty part of the meal. It was effectively parsnip milkshake (warmed). It was tremendous and something I’d never experienced before. Top marks to whoever came up with that. It was a shame that it stood out over my main course though.

We shared cheese for desert which was served with a nice chutney, but we skipped coffee as we’d already spent a fair chunk of money and we could have a coffee with the babysitters (grandparents) at home.

The bill was over £100 which was understandable given the courses we’d had but felt a little galling for me, having not thoroughly enjoyed my meal. My wife had a lovely meal though.

Would I go back there? Well I wouldn’t rush back with there being so many similar places in Cheltenham but if you’ve got over £100 to spend and want a different place to try, be my guest (or rather theirs)!

4 thoughts on “Lumière, Cheltenham – A review

  1. “felt a little gauling”

    Was Asterix there?

    Do you think it was a case of style over substance? Anne and I were having a conversation the other day about restaurants and saying how if the place is too fancy, we wouldn’t enjoy the food as the atmosphere in the place would be too stuffy/fussy – case in point is Le Champignon Sauvage. Apparently the food is good but it just doesn’t appeal as a place to have a nice night out.

  2. I have eaten at Lumiere on a number of occasions over the past few years, for business and pleasure, and I have always wondered about the bench seats, so thanks for the heads up!

    I would defiantly agree with you about the need to order the right meal. In my experience it is not that any of the meals taste or look bad, in fact I have never had anything other than good food there. However, some of the dishes are of an extremely high quality, with smells and flavours which can tend to leave you feeling disappointed if you are sat watching someone else experience it!

    On my most recent visit, since it has been taken over, I was pleasantly surprised by the increase in the quality of the food. I had the 7 course tasting menu, and it really did blow my senses. I agree with your opinion of the parsnip milkshake. Normally you would not find parsnip on my wish list; in fact normally I would avoid it. But after the first taste I was hooked.

    We too had the red onion chutney with our cheese board, the chef clearly has a very good understanding of how to make unusual flavours and colours (!!) work in harmony.

    In response to Weon, I have always felt that Lumiere has a nice balance about it. It’s not so posh that you feel on edge, yet it is a quiet, subtle place where you can enjoy intimate moments without feeling on display. Of course this is purely down to personal opinion, so I guess you will have to try it for yourself and let us know your verdict.

    As for the tasting menu and value, it was £50 per person. That might sound a lot, but for 7 courses with such fine ingredients and skill, we all felt that we had had good value for money, and that’s not a feeling I get too often when we eat out.

  3. I might recommend the taster as I saw a few plates go past with items I recognised. Thanks for your feedback. Interesting to get the feedback of others. You always wonder if something has passed you by and you didn’t ‘get it’!

  4. So, anything new in the world of Jeepstone? My days are so empty without your updates.

    Even some Bill news would be welcome.

    Buduh Buduh Beeow
    du du du dedoo do dedoo doo wah!

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