Websites built using Joomla

One of the things I’ve been hunting for is a list of ‘big name’ sites that are built in Joomla. However, before I give you my list I need to caveat this. The reason I’ve put this list together is that a client has recently questioned “Why are you using Joomla?”, and this list is not the answer to his question.

However, sometimes it can be useful to show that what you are doing has been done by other people. For instance, “Why have you built my community site in Joomla?”, “Well, because these sites are also community sites built in Joomla and they work very well”.

Ultimately, just using Joomla because everyone else is using it, isn’t the best way to make your decision. It needs to be based on the requirements of the client and the suitability of the platform. However, if you do get into a “My CMS pisses higher than yours!”, this list might help.

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