Samsung NC10 white screen of death and Samsung support

Recently, my lovely little Samsung NC10 had a white screen of death. You’d be sat there looking at it and the screen would go white. A quick flick of the screen panel would bring it back to life, but it was frustratingly intermittent.

Samsung NC10As I was playing Travian most nights I didn’t want to surrender the laptop until the game finished. I was still well within my 1 year warranty so I waited a little while then phoned Samsung Technical support.

Monday Evening

The guy I spoke to (Warren) was a pleasant chap (despite me phoning 5 minutes before the line closed for the evening) and after me describing the symptoms, he quickly diagnosed it and said he’d get someone to pick it up on Wednesday, explaining that they aim for turnaround within 3/5 days. Doubtful this was the case, I asked if I needed to pack it up properly. That wasn’t needed. “The driver will come with a bright pink flight case!”.

Wednesday Lunchtime

The delivery/pickup man arrived with the bright pink case and I said goodbye to the laptop, hoping we’d not be apart for too long.

Friday Lunchtime

The delivery man arrived, unpacked my laptop – all sorted. The repair was, as I suspected, a replacement motherboard to screen cable.


Samsung - Great support

I was very impressed with Samsung support and despite they were fixing a broken product, they were quick, knowledgeable and friendly. Thanks very much!

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