Joomla 1.7 new template doesn’t appear in Styles tab

If you have copied Atomic and it doesn’t appear in your styles tab, check the following:

  • Your folder for your template matches your ‘name’ tag in your xml.
  • Your extension version is set the same as the DOCTYPE (all 1.7 or all 1.6)

If your template doesn’t appear once you have placed it in the templates folder, use the Install manager and Discover it.

HTC Desire Current Location doesn’t show correct weather

My HTC Desire is a great phone but doesn’t seem to show any weather when set to ‘current location’. I have GPS off normally, but it even fails if it’s on so something’s not quite right. I emailed HTC Support and got this response:

“Hi Pete, Thank you for your email regarding your Desire. This is a known issue with the Device. You may wish to regularly check for OTA updates. There might be one released that resolves this issue. Can I suggest a suitable work around for the time being is to manually change the location settings each time you travel? Thank you for contacting HTC. If you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact me. With good wishes, Sam B HTC”

Setting it manually does indeed work, but it’s a bit of a pain if you move around as much as I do 😉

Quick redesign

I’m a frustrated (poor) designer, but it’s nice to play. In particular, I like playing with a bit of CSS3 so if you like that sort of thing, check this site out in Chrome/Safari/Opera. You should see a nice background gradient and (in Chrome/Safari) some CSS3 transforms at the bottom. Just playing of course, and I couldn’t guarantee what you’re seeing in IE6/7, but then again, is there much point in checking….

E-mail could not be sent in Joomla ‘Send to a friend’ popup

I recently had a ‘bug’ in Joomla where I’d get “E-mail could not be sent” when sending an article to a friend. The funny thing was, it had worked and I had mail in my inbox to prove it. I tried all the different mail settings and still had nothing. This was when I stumbled on the fact that to prevent spamming of the form, the page needs to wait for 20 seconds before being sent.

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